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Tsastilqualus Ambers Umbas

5:30 a.m. was a difficult troubled sleep last night ,, in light of newest development with marine harvests newest harassment by letter to midsummer, that is the fish farm held by our women ,, it is very telling these tactics to again single out midsummer,, prayers for guidance , safety , and support ,, we had a awesome visit last night with Carla and cheif Ernest Alfred , we all live on the verge of poverty, we are all separated from our gingenanum, our homes of warmth and filled with so much colonial privilege, it isn’t easy being on the farms or in a tent in the city , but we do it because we have no choice ,, there is no PLAN B ,, we are at a critical crossroad in trying to preserve our fish ,, WHAT is our hereditary right to our salmon mean if there is none,, I’m sitting here balling my eyes out , NO FISH ,,is still something none of us can accept, it’s at the tail end of our lives but it will be a lifelong battle for our gingenanum,, for the next 7 generations is what we are taught to look at ,, so many have lost that part of our culture, when that happens it’s easy to just plan for the day , for your immediate family but not for our old people , for the village for the nation ,, and for the future we leave behind ,,