Lobster Wars

Globe and Mail Lobster wars Thousands of pounds of lobsters dumped in the forest, fishing boats stolen and set on fire and protests that have fishers divided largely along racial lines. These are just some of the signs of flaring tensions in southwestern Nova Scotia,...

Samson Cree members demand audit of chief and council

cbc Members of another First Nation in Alberta are demanding a forensic investigation into the spending of federal money by its chief and council. The call for an audit at the Samson Cree Nation in Maskwacis just south of Edmonton comes just weeks after CBC News...

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Women save an Indigenous language in new documentary

Rabble As mainstream Canadian conversations are finally honed in on reconciliation, it’s essential that progressives continue to reframe the colonial narrative and support indigenous struggles for decolonization and self-determination. A vital element of this is the...

Top 5 Cities in Canada With the Most Indigenous People

  David P. Ball • October 6, 2017 Some Canadians seem to think Indigenous Peoples mostly dwell in far-flung remote reserves. But in fact the majority of indigenous people live in Canada’s cities, and according to the latest census, off-reserve First Nations,...



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