Rachel A. Snow – July 12

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Please don’t like or comment on my posts if you feel your job or livelihood could be compromised. Wow. Where else do we need to put out this warning?

I put up many posts. I have repeatedly stated that I disagree with the existing governance model of top down chief and council structures that are based on the Indian Act. We did not have voting pre-settler contact. My understanding of leadership is that leaders are servants to the people.

I grew up watching my late father and other Alberta Chiefs as they fought the wascitu government for the betterment of all our people.

I know that the Stoney and Mascwacis Nations sponsored chiefs from the Alberta Treaty areas to go make a stand in England when Trudeau the elder was trying to have this country acknowledged as a nation. He did not succeed. Canada is a state.

This is experiential learning, or life long learning in practice. While some of us may also hold mainstream education, we have been mentored to think with our Indian hearts.

I will not apologize for stating the truth about canada’s recent attempt to bribe Alberta leadership. Ownership or equity into the KM pipeline is not feasible.

As descendants of our ancestors, we must remember to speak for the land, waters and Creation. Buying into used equipment means setting up a corporation and hurting the land. White business analysts themselves are saying that the KM Pipeline is a fiasco on an “Enron-like” scale.

If you have a corporate buy in plan- what is the share structure? What is the plan for liability? We have argued in cases like Delgamuukw, Mikisew and Tsliqo’tin that the land must remain protected. How do we go from protecting the land to being willing partners in the oppressive systems that kill our people?

Alberta Indians already tried to get on the oil and gas bandwagon with the Alberta First Nation energy Centre. 2012- this was shut down. Now they want us in? To help destroy the land and arrest our own people protesting?

The end goal of Feds is to assimilate or kill us. If we buy into economic development as the answer for our people instead of negotiating for outstanding rent, then the assessors better have business acumen not just “the word” of Trudeau.


Rachel Snow is a lawter and activist