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An Elder in British Columbia says the sight of hundreds of eagles joining seagulls and crows around a Vancouver landfill is an ominous sign.

For weeks, hundreds of eagles have converged on the landfill and neighbouring company that grows turf for residential lawns.

“It’s kinda sad in a way because their food source has been contaminated in terms of pollution in the water,” said Elder Seisl’om. “The devastation of the salmon stocks and also their habitat it being destroyed in
terms of logging and also in terms of development so in a sense they got to come to garbage dumps.”

In B.C. it’s quite normal to see eagles along riverbanks feasting on salmon or the ocean shoreline.

But last year B.C.’s salmon count on the famed Fraser River was one of the lowest in history forcing the birds search elsewhere for food.

Elder Seisl’om said the dump is no place for the majestic eagle.

“In terms of our ceremonies our rituals our dances our songs, to remember the legends and the stories that we were told as children about the eagle and that he’s the one who carries our prayers to the creator,” he said.