Boiling Frog Syndrome and Genocide of the Indigenous Nations from within.
Have you heard of Boiling Frog Syndrome? It works something like this…
The story goes, if you place a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately try to jump out. But, if you place the frog in a pot of room-temperature water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog won’t do anything at all. It may even appear to be enjoying itself, oblivious of the impending danger. As the temperature climbs, however, the frog gets sleepy and eventually cannot hop out of the pot. Boiling Frog Syndrome is an excellent metaphor for the human tendency to ignore the consequences of negative change if that change happens gradually.
Now translate this story in the the actual events occurring to the Nation. At first is was the Band Councils, later it was Treaty Societies or Commissions, Tribal Councils and now you have Environmental Assessments Committees and the latest – Impact Benefit Analysis Teams. All these little frogs were trained when to jump and how high or they would get boiled. The training took years and money was the bait. Their training was to get all the other frogs of their Nation into the sauce pan, before anyone knew it. The trick is to make sure you have ALL the Nation in the nice warm water before the temperature gets to hot – and then when they are all sleeping, you climb high upon their backs, keeping out of the near boiling water. The moment the Treaty is signed you leap out, leaving your entire Nation in boiling water and certain death.
This is what happens when the reverse of a teaching is allowed to occur in a Nation – every medicine can also be a poison and all teachings have many sides. The question here is; have you chosen to jump into this cook pot, about to be heated up, or is someone actually trying to force you to do it? The cooking pot can have many forms that attack your Spirit; shame – guilt – ridicule – trouble maker – angry – being belittled for speaking your truth – saying you should not speak poorly and having your own culture turned backward against All – like Frog Teachings. This is where you are made to feel as if there is no way but to do as your told and jump into the cooking pot!
The only means to find a way out of the Cooking Pot and not to become a boiling frog – is to see your surroundings and realize where you truly want to stand. This is a tricky puzzle because the Frog Pot that the Indigenous Nations are dropped into, is the same one the Governments of Canada, the Provinces and the Treaty Commissions are being cooking in by the Corporate cooker – that is starting to look more and more like a Chinese wok.
One important thing about Frogs is the way we remember them as children and that each of us held one in our hand. Now hold an entire Nation in your hand. Would YOU – with this child’s memory, place the Frog in the Water of a Cooking Pot or return it to the River. Don’t get cooked in some other person’s scheme and more importantly find out who is controlling the oven. Once you learn this lesson tell all the other Frogs and remember balance and friendship like Frogs. They are just teaching us to be better Human Beings.
Blessings – The Old Man on the Mountain

The process of genocide over the years of colonial invaders of the Indigenous Nations – Globally.